Tuesday, December 2, 2008

An Introduction to DBCIC Museum

It is a great pleasure for me to introduce to you the Don Bosco Museum of Indigenous Cultures at Mawlai, Shillong, India.

Smt. Sonia Gandhi inaugurates Don Bosco Museum on 05th March 2010

DON BOSCO MUSEUM at Mawlai, Shillong, inaugurated by Smt. Sonia Gandhi on 5th March, 2010 is a well-known tourist destination today. It showcases the entire North East of India under one roof. The seven storey Museum building rises into Shillong’s skyline as a unique and landmark centre. The newly added skywalk provides the visitors a 360° view of the beautiful Queen City of the North East, namely, the historic Shillong. Equally attractive is the 28 feet by 25 feet relief map of the North East in fibreglass. Soon to be added are a ten feet by six feet fiberglass Map of Meghalaya [ a gift from the Director Tourism, Meghalaya] and an equally large presentation of Shillong, both indicating the places of tourist attraction. All the galleries in the Don Bosco Museum are provided with Multimedia Presentations. Using state of the art technology, the Museum opens the wide door of knowledge to its visitors. The seven-storey Museum offers the visitor an unforgettable experience of the North East by means of over 14 aesthetically pleasing and informative galleries. It has an amazing collection of attire, accoutrements, weapons, ornamentation and rare photographs. This is also the largest cultural museum in the whole of Asia as far as indigenous cultures of the North East are concerned.
For more details you can also visit to the website : http://www.dbcic.org/
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“I have travelled and been to museums in different parts of the world, but I have never visited such a detailed and spectacular collection of tribal art and culture. I am truly impressed and I offer my compliments to all those who have worked to set up this museum”

Smt. Sonia Gandhi

“A fascinating and informative collection of cultural and historical treasure of North-East India. I think this is the richest such treasure-house of this type anywhere in the world, exclusively displaying the heritage of the North-East of India…”

R. S. Mooshahary, Governor of Meghalaya

"I am amazed at Don Bosco Museum. It is breathtaking because all the galleries are so well conceptualized and a great deal of research has gone into putting them up. I congratulate Father Joseph and his team for their dedication in showcasing the cultures of the north-east"

Smt. Meira Kumar, Honourable Speaker of Lok Sabha

“…I admired it exceptionally, I wish all the best because, Don Bosco Museum, is the pride of Meghalaya, North East and the Nation as a whole.”

(Dr. D.D. Lapang, Chief Minister, Meghalaya)

Here are few visuals of our Galleries;

Photos of some of the visitors to Don Bosco Centre for Indigenious Cultures ;

Visitors Comments;
"An Excellent experience - A must see for any visitor to the North East. I wish I would get another opportunity to see this Museum" Col. S. Srinivasan
"Today I visited the Museum of Seven Hills State of North East India. All the past history and culture of these hill states are very splendid and glorious... I am very thankful for the officers & Staff who manage the Museum. Thank you very much..." Babulal Gaur, Ex-Chief Minister and Present Minister of Urban & Development of Madhya Pradesh
" A treasure house of knowledge under one roof with rich display of cultural items. A journey worth taking with a feeling of enrichment" Sambote Tibetan, Shillong
" We are highly pleased visiting the Museum. This is absolutely very rich Museum. We loved the collections and its arrangements. Hospitality also very good" Mohammad Inam Hossain, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka, Bangaldesh
"My first visit to this Museum. I am very impressed by the efforts... It is a unique and an excellent Museum by the Don Bosco Society. My compliments and best wishes..." P.P. Raj Kumar, Air Marshal, Allahabad
Gerald Fernandes, Former Captain in the Indian Army with a Masters Degree in Labour Studies from the University of Bombay and a Trainers Level Course in Counseling from the Xavier Institute of Counseling, Bombay. Currently a consultant in Human Resource Management board in Goa, India. Awarded the 1st Goa wildlife conservation awarded by the Government of Goa for his work in conserving the nesting environment of the endangered species of Marine Turtles " Olive Ridley"
Mr. Andrew W. Warjri (Mylliem Block Resource Centre) along with more than 100 students, they says " Beautiful and wonderful experience”